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Canal Flex Monitors 3

Canal Flex Monitors 3

Triple balanced driver monitors ideal for guitarists and vocalists

• Amazing mid-range sound reproduction

• Custom-made

• Extremely comfortable fit over long durations

• Effective noise protection

• Available in a large range of colours

The ultimate in-ear monitors for professional musicians, the Puretone Music Micro Monitor Flex 3 features a triple driver system (for separate bass, mids and treble frequencies) with passive crossover circuitry. Improved mid-range frequency response especially benefits performing guitarists and vocalists, ensuring levels of clarity above everything else that is happening in the mix. Micro Monitor Flex 3 features a fixed moulded cable and 3.5mm jack plug.

The Micro Monitor Flex 3 offers approx. 25dB of ambient noise reduction

£649 per set

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