We can help you preserve one of your most precious assets, your hearing.

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Whether you use your bike for practicality, as part of your job or simply the exhilaration of the open road, we know how much you value the miles you cover. We also know the attention you will pay to the safety aspects of biking on today’s crowded roads. Helmet, gloves, boots. All protect from obvious dangers, but have you thought about how safe your hearing is? It’s a sobering thought that one of your most important senses may be irreversibly damaged by your love of biking

It’s more than likely that you’ve already experienced some of the symptoms… dulled hearing, buzzing, whistling in the ear, fatigue. All warning signs of hearing damage, caused by wind noise, which accumulates over time. Over 30mph, wind noise is the biggest damaging factor. Even with the best helmets on the market, buffeting wind noise levels are known to reach and exceed 97db at 70mph! In industry, hearing protection is recommended at 80dB. It’s compulsory at 85dB! For every 3dB increase, the exposure time must be halved. At 70mph, the safe riding time then is only 30 mins.!! Not long to enjoy your favourite hobby safely.

We offer a range of systems that allow you to listen to audio and communicate whilst protecting your hearing.

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