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Canal Flex Monitors 1

Canal Flex Monitors 1

Soft, flexible, custom-made, in-the canal monitors

• Custom-made

• Extremely comfortable fit over long durations

• Discreet, cosmetic design

• Available in a large range of colours

Made from an exact impression of the user’s ears, these canal monitors fit over drivers to allow sound to be directly fed into the ear canal. Flex Custom Canal Monitor 1s are ideal for musicians who need to hear the exact sound of their instrument, as well as having their hearing protected. The miniature design of these monitors makes them less obvious in use, than full in-ear monitors.

The Flex Canal Monitor 1 also offers approx. 15dB of ambient noise reduction. They are also ideal for MP3 users, allowing you to enjoy your music in a clear and comfortable way.

£299 per set

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