Custom Fit & Colour

Use our expertise and efficiency to create custom solutions to fit your needs

Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS) – battery driven noise sensors.  Small volume control amplifier,

 allows hearing sensitivity to be enhanced, eg listening for birds etc, but when the gunshot is sensed, electronic circuitry attenuates the sound within milliseconds, and then returns to normal levels.  This comes in various versions for different shooting disciplines, and means comfortable protection without gun-stock interference!

Made from flexible, medical-grade silicone material, these new digital, ultra soft noise suppressors are designed to be extremely comfortable over long durations, whilst still providing the excellent suppression you expect from any CENS® earplugs.

CENS® ProFlex utilises a modular design that features an interchangeable active system and for an extra cost you can also have a set of passive plugs, making cleaning simple.

Every pair of CENS® ProFlex is also coated with an ultra-thin anti-bacterial layer, for improved comfort and hygiene. With CENS® ProFlex you won’t even notice your wearing an earplug!

New CENS® ProFlex Enhancements for 2012:

New CENS® ProFlex+ Module

  • ProFlex Standard: Size 312 - Extended up to 220 hours battery life approximately*
  • ProFlex+: Size 13 - Up to 400 hours of battery life approximately*
  • Power-On Delay

When the device is switched on there is a 5 second delay prior to the output amplifier activating. This allows the user to set the volume level prior to fitting the device. Some people will find this easier than making adjustments in the ear.

Activation Melody

When the output amplifier activates after the power-on delay there is a short melody played in the device to let the user know it is active and switched on.

Acoustic Performace Upgrades

Providing a more natural listening experience.

High-Visibility Colours

CENS® moulds can now be ordered in new high-visibility neon colours.