Plugzz use the finest non-allergenic medical grade silicone material for all of their products


Plugzz use the finest non-allergenic medical grade silicone material for all of their products, they can be manufactured from floatable silicone or from standard medical grade silicone both in a choice of colours and can have the option of connected via a lanyard. They are reusable, washable, hygienic and very comfortable to wear.

Excessively exposing your ears to water, such as when swimming, can lead to infections, commonly called swimmer's ear, this can be caused by the cocktail of chemcials used to keep swimming pools germ free.
Choosing appropriate earplugs is the first line of defense against these painful infectionsThese can be used by swimmers or for other watersport activities, these custom earplugs will seal your ears and exclude water from entering your ear canal. Children who are suffering from Glue Ear (Otitis Media) need to use earplugs when they have grommets fitted and want to learn to swim or simply have fun on holiday, However, it is best to avoid underwater swimming or ducking the head deeply underwater. Some surgeons advise wearing ear plugs when swimming. Always follow any specific advice about swimming from your surgeon. For Surfers there is also a condition known as Exostosis, or Surfer's ear,  it is a condition which affects people who spend large amounts of time in water in cold climates. In addition, wind may increase the prevalence of the amount of exostosis seen in one ear versus the other dependent on the direction it originates from and the orientation of the individual to the wind.
Custom-fitted swim plugs help reduce the amount of cold water and wind that is allowed to enter the external ear canal and, thus, help slow the progression of exostosis.