Sports & Leisure

High quality ear defenders can help reduce a range of ear related issues due to sport and leisure activities. For example, noise damage, outer ear infection, sleepless nights, pressure discomfort.

Motor Sports

As an example, let’s take shooting where the danger to hearing may be obvious, but did you know that one gun shot can be as high as 150db and above, which is equivalent to one weeks worth of industrial noise exposure! One full day shooting can be equivalent to one years worth of industrial noise exposure. To combat this we have a sophisticated range of solutions and can offer three levels of fully customised hearing protection.
• A personalised, non allergenic ear plug range in a choice of colours.

• Custom Sonic Valves II, where the passive valves react upon impulse from sound waves and shutdown momentarily when the gun fires but still allow you to hear normally.

• Digital electronic noise suppressors which offer benefits in comfort, user control, unobtrusive flush design, and the ability to hear natural listening conditions.

Another example of our sports and leisure range would be for swimmers, where we can provide a customised, waterproof ear protector. These products will provide additional protection for the ear from water ingress and the problems this causes. For example, ‘swimmers ear’, one of the most common ear infections. Protection can also be provided in situations where advice has been given to avoid water getting in to the ear.